Office project in Helsinki, Finland

In the course of renovation work for an office project in Helsinki, Finland, our FUSION FX4 was used to illuminate the elongated corridors. The four LED luminaires arranged in a square pattern guarantee very good illumination of the corridor width. With its aesthetic design, the FUSION FX4 stands out from classic recessed downlights.

The white housing blends unobtrusively into the given architecture with its white ceiling. The primary reflector is installed in the depth of the luminaire, creating a glare-free atmosphere and technically high-quality light at a UGR<19.

Mounting the FUSION FX4 is simple and straightforward via the spring retaining brackets on the luminaire, which stabilize the downlight in the ceiling.

We would like to thank Teclux Oy for the realization of this great project.

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Office project in Helsinki, Finland


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