Doctor’s Office in Celle, Germany

In the case of medical practices, a good relationship between doctors and patients is paramount. A pleasant, soothing lighting mood is therefore indispensable in order to create a perfect atmosphere for upcoming treatments and confidential conversations.

The lighting of the doctor’s office in Celle, Lower Saxony, compliments the interior design created by products from our FUSION series. The minimalist design of the luminaire fits elegantly into the ceiling without disturbing the ambience of the room.

In the entrance area, the ceiling mounted FF5 fixtures along the reception direct the focus of the patients to the registration and evenly illuminate the workplace of the employees. The light color 4000 Kelvin provides a bright and clear light, which aims to reduce anxiety and discomfort for patients. The beam characteristic of 40° ensures a wide illumination of the entrance area.

In the treatment room, the low-seated LED in the housing of the six fixed LEDs in the FUSION FF6-FS2 provide a comfortable lighting mood by creating a glare-free light. Nevertheless, the FF6-FS2 offers even more lighting design flexibility for highlighting room details thanks to its two adjustable spotlights.

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Doctor's Office in Celle

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