Albioma in Paris, France

Albioma is an independent producer of renewable energy, specialized in the production of plant biomass. For the Parisian headquarters occupying 2 floors of the Opus 12 tower in La Défense, NEKO lighting realized the lighting of the noble zones: reception, meeting rooms as well as the boardroom.

The requirement of the client and the architect was to create an aesthetic and discreet lighting of these noble zones. For the reception area, we proposed the minimal downlight FUSION FF1 installed in a destructured way to recreate a starry sky atmosphere. The glare-free light emission of our FUSION FF1 with a UGR<10 creates a pleasant lighting effect.

The seating areas and meeting rooms were highlighted with the KENZO K1X30 retractable recessed spotlight, giving them a welcome touch of light accentuation. With a diameter of the spot of only 30mm, the spotlight blends unobtrusively into the architecture.

In the boardroom our DASH 50 Pendant Line with microprismatic in customized length is comfortably illuminating the conference table in the boardroom. In combination with the KENZO K1X30 retractable spotlights, our DASH provides the desired final lighting touch for this prominent room.

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