VALO Hotel, Helsinki, Finland

The VALO Hotel in Helsinki, Finland, was equipped with our PURE M Tracklights during the opening in spring 2020. The hotel is a top address with a direct view of many green spaces outside the city centre under the slogan “Sleep, Work & Relax”.

In addition to work areas used as a co-working area, the hotel offers a wellness landscape with various types of saunas and a jacuzzi that provides a beautiful view above the rooftops of Helsinki on a rooftop terrace. Whether after work or a relaxing wellness day – the restaurants and bars are a popular for a cozy diner after a long day.

In the ELO restaurant, our PURE M spotlight sets pleasant accents in suspended tracks. The contrast of the black tracklights to the bright overall architecture make the Restraunt a real eye-catcher. In addition, the PURE ensures a pleasantly warm lighting atmosphere with the aim of the tables. With a system power of only 28W, the LED spotlight adapts to the sustainable concept of the VALO Hotel and convinces with significantly better energy efficiency compared to conventional halogen spotlights. Long operating times and frequent switching cycles are special advantages of LED lighting.

After the dinner at the ELO, the evening can be continued in the Lounge & Bar SUO. In the bar area and above the seats, the tracks were mounted directly on the ceiling. Our PURE M spotlights have been used in this area as well with have excellent anti-glare. They illuminate workplaces at the bar and provide the right light for the visual tasks of the employees. The guests at the bar feel comfortable by avoiding glare in their seats.

The converter is built into the sleek design of the PURE housing, making the appearance of the track spotlight with the minimalist rail adapter more attractive. The deep-seated LED and the anti-glare ring mounted at the front of the housing ensure that customers can spend their evenings at the VALO Hotel in a pleasant and glare-free atmosphere.

The diverse functionality is rounded off by the special articulated arm, which guarantees a selective and targeted illumination of the individual areas within the room. The high flexibility of the tracklights is particularly advantageous for changing room concepts. Tables and chairs can be regrouped without compromising the quality of the lighting. With just a few simple steps, the spotlights can be adjusted without the use of tools.

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