Umami District Emporia in Malmö, Sweden

After two years of planning, the first section of the Umami District opened in spring 2020. The entire rest of the complex followed in August 2020, with nearly ten restaurants representing cuisines from around the world.

MER Arkitekter from Stockholm designed the interior with the task of integrating the café and restaurant environment into a unified and flexible concept. The complete area covers an area of over 3,000 m², which is divided into three areas – The Square, The Garden and The Arena.

Tina Anundi of MER comments, “One of the challenges of the project was dealing with the dominant blue colour of the façade glass. Through the sober colour scheme combined with the cosy as well as crisp lighting, we managed to include the blue façade as part of the whole.”

The lighting design was created by Carina Hed-Pekola from Incoord and is based on a basic system of PURE S and PURE M LED tracklights with the goal of creating a high-contrast and varied lighting scheme with low light levels that can be easily adjusted.

The sleek, black tracklights blend perfectly with the restaurant’s dark ceiling layout, creating a modern and timeless overall look. The driver of the PURE is built into the housing, making the appearance of the tracklight more attractive with the minimalist track adapter.

The PURE illuminates the workplaces in the kitchen and provides the right light for the visual tasks of the employees. The deep-seated LED and the anti-glare ring mounted on the front of the housing ensure that guests can spend their evenings in the Umami District in a pleasant and glare-free atmosphere.

Thanks to our NEKO Global Partner FLUX AB for realizing this great project.

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