For all its lights NEKO LIGHTING solely uses premium LED-chips by leading manufacturers.<br />
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Lighting sources in the 21st centuryHEllo

For all its lights NEKO LIGHTING solely uses premium LED-chips by leading manufacturers.

Quality LED-lighting

LED-technology is firmly established in almost every area of lighting. Now developers focus on lighting quality and innovative multi-functional possibilities. The following pages provide various examples in regard to the impact of such development on everyday life and people.

All lights by NEKO LIGHTING are solely fitted with premium LED-chips by globally leading manufacturers.

Benefits of

  • Efficiency

    ▪ high efficiency
    ▪ minimal power consumption

  • Technology

    ▪ infinitely dimmable
    ▪ smart system (controllable)
    ▪ Simpact and vibration proof

  • Light quality

    ▪ good colour rendering
    ▪ directed, easily channeled light

  • Costs

    ▪ minimal energy costs
    ▪ minimal maintenance costs

  • Lighting design

    ▪ adjustable light colour (warm white, cold white, etc.)
    ▪ coloured light
    ▪ controllable without loss of quality
    ▪ directed, easily channeled light
    ▪ more flexibility and freedom of planning
    ▪ lighting scenarios easily programmable and retrievable

  • Environment

    ▪ without mercury and other harmful substances
    ▪ easily disposed of
    ▪ minimal CO2-emmissions
    ▪ no UV- und infrared-radiation
    ▪ minimal pull on insects if used for outdoor lighting

  • Design benefits

    ▪ compact build for flexible designs
    ▪ great freedom of design and variety of shapes

  • Durability

    ▪ operating time of between 20,000 to 50,000 hrs and more
    ▪ minimal maintenance effort
    ▪ total failure rare

Supporting LED-lighting design

Besides the price the definition of product features and description of required lighting quality play a decisive role in the tendering process. Upon award of contract it should be verified whether the required quality is met when a lighting system is built.

We are happy to advise and provide support when tendering.


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