House Residence in Ramat haScharon, Israel

For the interior lighting of a house, the trimless version of our SENSE series was mounted into the ceiling. The SENSE downlights are perfectly suited for projects with different requirements due to their modular design and high lighting standards.

With the SENSE luminaires, lighting designers are able to build a variety of different configuration options from a single product; thus creating an individualized lighting solution.

The white secondary reflector fits elegantly into the white ceiling with its nearly invisible transition thanks to the trimless version. The primary reflector is installed deep in the luminaire, creating a glare-free atmosphere and technically high-quality light – for a house of particular importance.

The built-in adjustable variant offers the advantage that the luminaires can be freely positioned with 355° rotation and 30° pivot. Due to the wide beam characteristic, an excellent illumination of general lighting is achieved.

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House Residence in Ramat haScharon, Israel


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