Kopfbild SENSE
Modular LED Downlight System


Adjustable - Fixed - Wall Washer


Die Produktfamilie SENSE ist ein Downlightsystem, das durch seinen modularen Aufbau überzeugt. Für Lichtplaner bedeutet dies in erster Linie freie Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten durch eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Varianten: rund oder eckig, rahmenlos oder mit schmalem Montagerand, einstellbar, starr oder als Wall Washer – mit der Produktfamilie SENSE wird für jedes Problem eine passende Lösung gefunden.

Durch die zahlreichen Größen mit verschiedenen Lichtfarben und unterschiedlichen Abstrahlcharakteristiken entpuppt sich die SENSE für Sie als Alleskönner der Downlights.

Mit wahlweise weißem oder schwarzem Gehäuse passt sich dieses Produkt den architektonischen Gegebenheiten perfekt an.

Bis zu sechs Reflektorfarben runden den modularen Aufbau ab und bieten optimales Design passend zum Ambiente.

Die Montage ist einfach und komfortabel. Der nachträgliche Reflektorwechsel ist werkzeuglos möglich. Die genaue Winkelanpassung erfolgt mittels Stellschraube. Alternativ gibt es die SENSE auch in einer starren Variante, die den Lichtoutput auf einem genauen Punkt bündelt. Mit dem Wall Washer, der ein gleichmäßiges Ausleuchten der Wand in beeindruckend homogener Qualität ermöglicht, wird der vielseitig modulare Aufbau dieser Produktfamilie komplettiert.

Die Serie SENSE ist ein Allrounder für die hochwertige Projektbeleuchtung.


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Ultraschmales Rahmendesign
Ultraschmales Rahmendesign
Kein Flansch zwischen sekundärem Reflektor und Rahmen
Beste optische Lichtsteuerung: enger oder mittlerer Abstrahlungsgrad
IP54 Schutz
IP54 Schutz
Bester Sehkomfort durch Blendschutzring für UGR<19
Präzise Winkelpositionierung
Präzise Winkelpositionierung
Präzisionsfertigung für eine genaue Winkelpositionierung
Standardring für Deckenstärken von 1-25 mm; Rahmenloser Einbau in Deckenstärken von 12,5-25mm
Einheitliches Design für Fixed oder Adjustable
Einheitliches Design für Fixed oder Adjustable
Einstellbare Variante mit 30° Neigung und 355° Rotation; Zweitreflektor optional für starre Variante mit reduzierter Blendung


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Produktbild SENSE 45 R1

SENSE 45 Rund

Produktbild SENSE 45 S1

SENSE 45 Eckig

Produktbild SENSE 68 Rund

SENSE 68 Rund

Produktbild SENSE 68 S1

SENSE 68 Eckig

Produktbild SENSE 100 R1

SENSE 100 Rund

Produktbild SENSE 100 S1

SENSE 100 Eckig

Produktbild SENSE 125 R1

SENSE 125 Rund

Produktbild SENSE 125 S1

SENSE 125 Eckig

Produktbild SENSE 150 R1

SENSE 150 Rund

Produktbild SENSE 150 S1

SENSE 150 Eckig

NEKO / SENSE Projekte

Wohngebäude in Ramat haScharon, Israel

Mist Hot Spring Hotel China

Mist Hot Spring Hotel in Xuchang, China


Hotel InterContinental, Hefei, China

Sales Gallery Thu Thiem Hongkong

HongKong Land Sales Gallery Thu Thiem, Vietnam

Sense LED Downlights

Brogsitter Gourmet-Restaurant, Ahrtal, Deutschland


Michael Kors Boutique, Garden City, NY, USA


Luminaires from our CLUB series, which consist of a lighting module and a mounting frame, are available from our warehouse in Germany with a short delivery time despite the current social and logistical challenges. Today we would like to emphasise the TA5 mounting trim in combination with the M3 light module.

The M3 module in 3000K with high colour rendition at an index of CRI90 has a beam angle of 35°. The LED power of the module is 11W. The low height of the LED module of 44 mm is also worthy of special mention, so that a high-quality solution can be offered even for low mounting heights.

The TA5 mounting trim (ceiling cut-out Ø78mm) made of die-cast aluminium with black (RAL 9005) or white (RAL 9016) powder-coated surface, in protection class IP20. The various reflector colours, black, gold, white and matte, ensure that a single product is capable of creating countless lighting solutions via the modular structure.

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SENSE - Build your own individual lighting solution.

In order to meet different requirements and architectural situations, a modular design of a luminaire is the most useful. For lighting designers, this has the advantage that an infinite number of variants and different models can be configured from a single product series.

The SENSE series offers the possibility to freely select an individual product according to a modular system. As a classic downlight with a high-quality stylistic design, the complete SENSE family is suitable for ceiling installation and is freely configurable in five different sizes (45mm, 68mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm) in both round and square trim.

The housing is made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium and is available in the classic housing colours white (RAL 9016) and black (RAL 9005). In addition, up to six colour-different reflectors (black, chrome black, gold, matt, reflective and white) can be freely selected per model to obtain the perfect design element for an atmospheric ambience.

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PURE Tracklights – Minimalist design, functionality and versatility for a great lighting ambience

A balanced and flexible lighting concept is particularly important in areas with changing requirements such as lounge or canteen rooms. Whether as a meeting point for social exchange, food or relaxation – everyone should feel equally comfortable when staying in these areas.
From low to high lumen packages, narrow to wide beam angles, as ceiling attachment or as in the picture as a track spotlight - all these requirements put the PURE series in the right light. The sophisticated concept of the PURE is rounded off by different light and housing colours. The spotlight also ensures increased glare protection thanks to a relocated reflector, which will bring visitors in the canteen noticeably more well-being. A honeycomb can optionally promote the dispersal of light, resulting in an even more pleasant glare. Even if the positions of tables and chairs change, the PURE spotlights can be easily rotated and swivelled by up to 355° and up to 90°.

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Inside NEKO Lighting – Chinese Office 🇨🇳

Every day, we not only work to convince our customers as a reliable partner with the target to inspire with our performance. As an international team, we also strive to continue to improve.

In addition to great development in recent years with the opening of a French branch, the redesign of the website and the expansion of our range with various innovations for indoor and outdoor use, we have also redesigned our Chinese office.

Inviting, cosy and communicative – this is how the lounge area between the workplaces is designed, where our SUGAR luminaires provide a pleasant ambience. As already mentioned in the last few weeks, our FUSION Linear System also finds perfect conditions in the office areas.

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In addition to the linear inserts, our classic FUSION luminaires can also be integrated into the FUSION Linear System for maximum design possibilities. Our FUSION family provides excellent eye-friendly light and much more. In addition to the minimalist design of the luminaire, through a perfect glare by our lens technology, up to a wide range of configuration options - the FUSION inserts are the ultimate tool in the light design of our profile system. For mounting within the profile, only a slider is required, which can be easily used via a click mechanism.

For more information, please visit our website. Link in bio.

If you have any further questions, our team will be at your disposal by e-mail: 📧 office@nekolighting.de

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FUSION Linear System - Unique profile system with individual configuration

Especially when daylight is less common, lighting in office areas, such as a conference room, becomes more important. Lack of light causes fatigue, so the human body thinks it's already on the evening hours. The result is a decrease in the ability to concentrate.

Our freely configurable FUSION Linear System with various individual options for accent or general lighting is the perfect solution for office areas where changing requirements are needed. In addition, the aluminium profile ensures a sleek and elegant design.

Using the conference room as an example, the accent lighting with a beam angle of 30° ensures homogeneous and pleasant lighting with a high level of visual comfort for the working areas of employees. In addition, the high lumen output ensures good general lighting of the rooms. The spotlights, which can be rotated by 360° and can be freely positioned by 90°, set highlights and offer the opportunity to highlight special work areas without employees feeling disturbed.

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NEKO outdoor range new on our website

In addition to our indoor lighting series, we are also pleased to present our versatile outdoor range on the NEKO corporate website.🌍 This includes modern, high-quality and creative lighting solutions for every outdoor application. All luminaires are colour-coordinated in a dark grey powder-coated aluminium housing in RAL colour code 7024, so that a combination of the luminaires ensures a uniform colour appearance.

At https://nekolighting.com/en/series/outdoor-en/, you can find all the latest innovations of our LED outdoor product families, including recessed floor lights, outdoor wall lights, garden spotlights, and many more.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: 📧sales@nekolighting.de

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