Amos Rex, Helsinki, Finland

In the course of renovation work at the Amos Rex Museum in Helsinki, Finland, a solution was searched that can be individually designed to the given architecture and also offers the possibility to change the position of the light inserts afterwards if exhibition spaces change in design.

The museum with a focus on the history of Egypt was equipped with our MODULINE 26 48V Low Voltage System. Thanks to the minimum dimensions of the recessed track rails, the system fits perfectly into the architecture and also establishes a seamless transition between tracks and ceiling.

The ML26 accent lighting provides a pleasant lighting atmosphere for visitors at the sales tables of the Amos Rex Merchandise Shop without disturbing glare. The high lighting properties of the LED light inserts also ensure that structures of the antiques and objects are displayed accurate.

The accent lighting is complemented by the use of the filigree ML26 Spotlights for optimal accentuation. The rotatable LED inserts guarantee targeted light on paintings or exhibition showcases wherever the light has the task of drawing visitors’ attention.

The MODULINE 26 system is an individual solution with a high degree of flexibility, in which the position of the inserts can be easily adjusted according to the room concept via a click mechanism.

Thanks to our NEKO Global Partner Teclux Oy for realizing this great project.

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Amos Rex, Helsinki, Finland