VISION – New Powerful Downlight Series

The VISION product family, a latest addition to the NEKO downlight series, is a high output solution, which paired up with all the key features is adept in setting a beautiful lighting mood together with formal sobriety.
It is at hand as a fixed luminaire or a wall washer for a cutout of Ø68mm that can be combined with up to six reflector colours (black, chrome black, gold, specular, matt or white) to help enhance as well as resemble the ambience of the room with finesse.

The fixed version offers choices in beam angle of 18° or 40° with a high lumen package of 1700lm whereas the wall washer impresses with it’s high output with up to 1200lm. Additionally, a deep recessed COB ensures good glare control in the light output.
Keeping up with the legacy, VISION both, technically provides flexibility in terms of power and illumination whilst harmoniously enriching the aesthetics of the project in terms of physical appearance.

Discover more Information about out VISION on our website: VISION – Powerful downlight series – NEKO LIGHTING AG

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