TAKEO Tunable White – Customizable lighting solutions

The powerful TAKEO family has been extended by a luminaire with adjustable colour temperature. With the new Tunable White, the light color can be changed as required from warm white with 2700K to universal white to daylight white with 6500K. Thus, the new TAKEO makes it possible to specifically address individual needs and situations and promotes human wellbeing.

The TAKEO Tunable White shows differences compared to the TAKEO Warm Dim in the ceiling cutout and in the variation of the color temperature. With a ceiling cut-out of either Ø150mm or Ø200mm, the Tunable White is an absolute addition to the common general lighting. The TAKEO Warm Dim on the other hand is designed for a ceiling cut-out of Ø100mm and its colour temperature controls the range from 1800K to 3000K.

The variations of our TAKEO series offer you endless possibilities for any lighting design. See for yourself on our TAKEO series page: https://nekolighting.com/en/series/takeo-en/

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