SENSE in Dim-to-Warm available

The SENSE product family is an LED downlight system that impresses with its modular design. For lighting designers, this primarily means free design possibilities through a variety of different variants.

For the new year, both the SENSE 68 and the SENSE 100 have been extended in round and angular by a dim-to-warm version from 1800K to 3000K. With this variant, the lighting mood can be adjusted uncomplicatedly and specifically to create a particularly atmospheric ambience.

The SENSE 68 is characterized by a narrow mounting trim with a ceiling cut-out of 68mm on the SENSE 68 round and 68mm x 68mm on the SENSE 68 square. With an LED power of 12W, the dim-to-warm version is available with a wide beam characteristic of 55°.

The SENSE 100 has a ceiling cut-out of 100mm (SENSE 100 round) or 96mm x 96mm in the square version (SENSE 100 square). With an LED power of 12W, the luminaire has a beam angle of 40° in the adjustable version or 35° for the fixed version. There is also a wide beam characteristic of 50°.

Both sizes of the SENSE are available in the classic housing colours black (RAL 9005) and white (9016). In order to be able to create an infinitely variable transition between ceiling and luminaire, a trimless design of the luminaire is also available. From a pool of six reflector colors (black, chrome black, gold, matt, specular and white) a stylistic element can also be chosen. Thus, a single product family provides endless combination possibilities.

The corresponding dim-to-warm variants can be easily and easily selected using the “Color Temperature” filter option. In the download area of the configured model, a data sheet, installation instructions and light distribution files are also available.

The visual dim-to-warm effect can be viewed at the following link: SENSE 68 Dim-to-Warm (1800K-3000K)

NEKO SENSE 68 Dim-to-Warm 1800K
NEKO SENSE 68 Dim-to-Warm 3000K

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