Office Project in Hunxe, Germany

Futuristic lighting must flexibly evolve in terms of delivery whilst synchronising with the setting of the room and ambience. The DASH Smart series leads the way in this evolution by providing fundamentally sustainable lighting solutions that whilst being quite accommodating are also very feasible and conducive to beautiful lighting results with reduced energy consumption.

In a recent renovation of an office in Hunxe, Germany the interiors required to have a clean yet elegant lighting concept for a concrete ceiling. The DASH Smart series implemented into a common 3-phase track system via an in-track driver and linear light inset, goes a long way in creating harmonious lighting in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The linear lighting provides good uniform illumination whereas the spotlights accentuate the elements.

The insets can be easily placed at any position on the rail and have an 80° beam angle with up to 155lm/W, UGR <19 and the LED boards itself are replaceable as there are no connecting leads or solder joints. The power supply disperses optically in the 3-phase track where the light source is clipped into its contact.

Power levels can be set directly via a DIP switch depending on the required luminaire luminous flux. The replacement of these insets is tool free with secure click – in mechanism with acoustic feedback and can be entirely installed in less than a minute! Another highlight is the chrome – black optics which add ornamental aspect to an elegant lighting plan.

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Office Project in Hunxe, Germany

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