BABOR Flagship-Store Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The new brand store from BABOR invites customers on approx. 250 sqm to pleasant beauty experiences as well as luxurious care moments. The two key elements – water and oil – can be found in all areas of store design.

In the sales room, our MODULINE system was recessed into the ceiling. Our General Light has been clicked into the 35mm wide profiles to provide basic lighting for the sales room, creating a equal and uniform lighting of the store. The General Light wraps the store in an energetic area that invites customers to shop.

The general lighting is complemented by our round spotlights of the MODULINE series, which highlight individual areas of the store such as the Experience Table and the Science Bar. Accentuating light has the task of creating tension and directing the focus of beauty fans to the noble products of BABOR.

The main advantage of our MODULINE system is that the different light modules can be clicked into the profile without tools. The power-feed via the profile ensures a high degree of flexibility. The modules used can be freely replaced as desired when the sales room is redesigned.

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BABOR Flagship-Store Frankfurt am Main, Germany