Insight NEKO Lighting Germany

NEKO LED luminaires are sold exclusively through a network of distributors in more than 65 countries worldwide. The distribution centres are located in France, England, North America, Canada, Beijing, Shanghai and Germany. The German distribution centre is characterised by its own warehousing facilities, from which luminaires are dispatched worldwide.

The sales team works together with a network of distributors to handle the sale of NEKO luminaires. Besides sales, NEKO’s marketing team is also based in Germany. All social media activities on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as the writing, design and distribution of catalogues, brochures and price lists are managed from Germany. Since the beginning of 2019 we have been working together with HEBAtec Internet Systems on the new website, which was published in November 2019. We issue monthly updates to inform you as quickly as possible about product and project news and company news, in addition to social media publications.

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