NEKO is now an official DIALux GOLD Member!

We are excited to announce that NEKO has been officially available in DIALux evo as a GOLD Member since May 2024. Catalogue, detailed product data, including the 3D model of our luminaires, is now officially accessible on DIALux.

As a DIALux GOLD Membership, all users can fully explore and simulate the effects of NEKO lighting solutions with precise data and information. All users can freely use NEKO luminaire files and luminaire 3D models in the DIALux evo platform to create a design scheme under our updated plugin.

At NEKO, we are dedicated to offering high-quality and efficient LED lighting solutions with unique designs at highly competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive the best lighting experience possible. Experience the NEKO in DIALux today and see how our innovative designs can enhance your lighting projects.

Check the link below to see how we use NEKO luminaires to design a lighting project:

Discover more about NEKO:NEKO (

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NEKO Team & Sven
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